About Us

MISIRLI realizes the dream of being a brand for the modern and contemporary woman by utilizing the distinctive elements of its 70 years of knowledge and expertise in fashion and society development, environmental conservation, respect for ethical values, and promotion of culture.

Its connection to art and culture is an integral part of MISIRLI's corporate identity. It enables MISIRLI to understand and interpret societal changes, as well as encourage new paths of progress and development. Art at MISIRLI is the primary source of inspiration that has a positive impact on people's lives and society as a whole.

Our belief in creating a sustainable world goes beyond moral obligation. Every action we take embraces the purpose of bringing meaningful change and progress to both our business and our community.

Creating ethical, fair, safe, and healthy conditions for our employees, MISIRLI consumers, and all stakeholders is among our priorities. Our working system, which supports creativity, operates with the awareness that the human factor is the most valuable source of inspiration for the development of fashion.