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Knitwear Tunic

The tunic is a legacy from Ancient Rome to the present day. The tunic is a piece of upper garment with lengths from the shoulders to the hips and even down to the knee in some models. With its simple sewing, this piece, which was used by both women and men in the Ancient Roman period, can be the main element and sometimes the supporter of many different combinations today.


Women’s Knitwear Tunic

Knitwear tunics, which you can use freely in summer and winter with its breathable fabric, are among the indispensable items in women's clothing.

You can make dozens of different combinations with knitwear tunics with different models. If you are thinking of adding a knitwear tunic to your wardrobe, the first thing you should pay attention to is: what length you want to use your tunic.

In women's clothing fashion, tunics, which are frequently preferred by women with hijab, are in the wardrobes of pregnant women and those who care about comfort in their clothing style.

It is possible to use some models of tunics that can be combined with lower clothing pieces such as trousers, tights, shorts and skirts, and some models that extend up to the knee can be used as a dress.


Knitwear Tunic Models

Knitwear tunics that end at hip level are called short tunics and knitwear tunics that end at knee level are called long tunics. There are hundreds of tunic models with short sleeves, long sleeves, bat sleeves and sleeveless. You can make combinations in any style you want with asymmetrical cut knitwear tunics, turtleneck knitwear tunics and v-neck knitwear tunics.


Long Tunic Models

You can easily combine long knitwear tunic models that end at knee level with your pants and skirts. You can spend a stylish office day by combining your loose-fitting gray long knitwear with ecru baggy pants and ecru heels.

You can make assertive combinations with the Mısırlı 1951 lilac long knitwear tunic with a tie at the neck. You can team your long tunic with lilac baggy pants. You can also dazzle with your summer elegance by wearing Mısırlı 1951 knitwear long tunic with neck ties and ecru shorts together.

You can crown your daily elegance by combining your bat sleeve long green tunic and black slim leg pants together. You can enjoy effortless elegance by combining your black knitwear tunic and cream slim leg pants together.


Winter Tunic Models

You can try winter tunics to be effortlessly stylish with one piece in winter. Women who prefer thick knitwear tunics against the cold of winter spend a warm day without compromising their elegance.

You can combine your winter tunics, which will keep you warm and stylish all day long, with loose pants or thermal leggings. You can wear thermal socks or thermal tights under winter tunics that end at knee level and combine them with sock boots.


How Do Winter Tunics Differ from Other Tunics?

Winter tunics are made of thicker fabrics. Among the winter tunic models, you can find sweater-type winter tunics, winter tunics with fleece inside and winter tunic models with thick knitwear fabric.

Winter tunic models also include turtleneck, turtleneck, long sleeve and draped long sleeve models.


How to Wear a Tunic?

You can combine your tunics with pants, skirts, tights and pantyhose. After determining the style of your combination, it will be easier to choose the piece you will wear under your tunic. If you are going to create a casual outfit, you can try the short tunic and mom jeans duo. You can wear your tights and short tunic together for sports combinations.

When you want to turn heads at the invitations you will attend, you can combine an orange tunic tied at the neck and ecru wide leg pants together.

Especially when you want to use your long tunics as a dress, you can choose tights that match the color of your tunic.

You can complete your combination of a long sleeveless tunic in pastel tones, a black turtleneck bodysuit and black pants with a beige shawl.


Tunic Prices

Tunics, which are frequently used in women's clothing, have dozens of different types in the market. The large number of options also expands the price band of the product. Finding a tunic for every budget is not difficult for tunic lovers. As with every piece of clothing, if you want to buy a long-lasting quality model in tunics, you need to take the risk of spending a high amount. Tunic is a savior piece in women's clothing. It allows you to make dozens of combinations with one piece. For this reason, we recommend that you buy tunics from reliable brands that you can use for a long time. You should buy the product not by looking at the price of the tunic, but by considering the duration of use and the quality elegance it will add to your combinations.

Price-performance tunics may not be suitable for long-term use and may not provide the elegance you are looking for in your combinations. Instead of buying another one of the same product after a while, you can stay stylish for many years by buying a piece with a slightly higher cost.