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Women’s Jumpsuit

Every woman's dream is to be stylish effortlessly and in one piece. That's why dresses have been worn for centuries and are an indispensable part of women's clothing. After dresses come jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are positioned at a different point in the world of women's clothing.

Women's overalls are seen as the key to one-piece assertive elegance. Jumpsuits are elegant pieces in classic lines that are often used by women in the business world today. In this respect, overalls preserve their historical heritage. Jumpsuits, which find their place in women's and men's clothing, first appeared in fashion history during the First World War. Known as service overalls and used by women in business life, these overalls with many pockets have evolved in the intervening years and started to serve to keep women in business life stylish.

Don't forget to have a jumpsuit in your wardrobe to be effortlessly stylish and elegant in every season.


Women’s Knitwear Jumpsuit

Jumpsuits are made from almost every kind of fabric. Jeans, cotton, satin and knitwear. Jumpsuits are comfortable and stylish pieces. As we mentioned, in the historical development of women's overalls, their functional comfort was taken into consideration first. Therefore, you can choose knitwear overalls that you will be comfortable all day long. You can be comfortable and stylish all day long with overalls made of knitwear fabric. Because knitwear fabric has a structure that breathes and adapts to your movements.

If your priority in your clothing style is confluent elegance, knitwear overalls will be the right choice for you. Do not neglect to evaluate knitwear overalls with its soft texture, fabric that adapts to your movements and its structure that maintains your ideal temperature in all seasons.

Thanks to the knit pattern of knitwear fabric, you do not need to spend hours to be elegant and stylish, and you do not need to think about dozens of combination equations. Your favorite color knitwear jumpsuit, a pair of shoes and a jacket or cardigan depending on the weather conditions. It's that easy to turn heads all day long with a stylish outfit.

With the Mısırlı 1951 backless orange jumpsuit, you can feel energetic and stylish all day long. You can wear your knit orange jumpsuit with ecru or white shoes.


Stylish Jumpsuit Models

Short, long, halter, strapless, strapless, lace, knitted, denim, gardener and many more... You can find women's overalls with hundreds of different models on the market. The overalls made of denim fabric, which entered our lives with the gardener model, also appeared in different models in the following years. Now, when it comes to denim overalls, not only the gardener model comes to mind. Comfortable and stylish models with ruffle collars, buttoned in front, wide-legged, comfortable and stylish models made of denim are frequently seen today.


Slopet Jumpsuit

Slopet overalls, known as gardener overalls, are ideal for your daily elegance. You can choose slopet overalls for both stylish and comfortable combinations.


Sport Cut Jumpsuit

Sports cut jumpuits are models with short pants length and made of tight and stretchy fabrics. You can freely reflect your sporty personality with these stylish designs that prioritize your mobility.


Summer Jumpsuits

These are the jumpsuits we are used to seeing with straps, usually made of draped, soft and thin fabrics. You can dazzle with your elegance by choosing them with patterns or in colors that make you feel the summer energy.


Bodycon Jumpsuit

Bodycon jumpsuits are jumpsuits that cover your whole body with a cleavage. It is generally preferred in summer and while doing sports. Therefore, you should pay attention to the fabric when buying. We recommend that you buy those produced from fabrics that allow your skin to breathe and keep you fresh all day long.


Strapless Jumpsuit

Also known as collarless and strapless overalls. Staplez jumpsuits can be an ideal choice for your special days.


Knitwear Jumpsuit

You can choose it when you want to be stylish and comfortable in both daily and business life.


Short Jumpsuits

Short jumpsuits with shorts appear frequently in summer. With short overalls, you can resist the heat of summer with your elegance.


Winter Jumpsuit Models

It is important to be stylish in all seasons, but women want to be stylish with one piece in sharp seasons such as summer and winter. Therefore, you can spend the winter stylish and comfortable with winter model overalls. You can choose knitwear overalls that you can prefer for four seasons among winter overalls models.

Winter jumpsuit models are usually produced from warm fabrics. You can come across models such as long sleeves, bell-bottom, ankle-leg.

Jumpsuit Combinations

The jumpsuit is a stylish piece on its own. Therefore, what you wear over and under your jumpsuit is very important. The shoes you prefer can change all the balances. You should base your jumpsuit combinations on color harmony. Be careful not to bring together pieces that do not match in tone. When you want to use contrasting colors, you can choose colors that are exactly opposite to each other as a constraint.


How to Wear a Jumpsuit?

As with every outfit, the place you will go with your jumpsuit outfit is important. If you are choosing a jumpsuit to attend an event, we recommend a fabric jumpsuit and heels. If you are going to choose overalls for your office elegance, we can recommend jumpsuits with knitwear straps. For your daily elegance, you can choose a combination of slopet jumpsuit and sneakers.