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Knitwear Crop Top

Crop top pieces, which have been in fashion in recent years, have started to find a place in every woman's wardrobe. Crop top bodies, which conquer the hearts of retro lovers, find a place in every combination regardless of the season. Crop top sweats for those who like to wear sports, crop top sweaters for sweater lovers and knitwear crop tops produced for those who like to be stylish at any moment... Crop tops produced in dozens of options and models make women's lives easier when making combinations.

It is possible to be both stylish and sporty with knitwear crop top pieces. You can use knitwear crop tops in your classic suits with their elegant stance and effortless elegance. You can be stylish and comfortable by wearing knitwear crop tops in your tracksuits while doing sports.


What is Crop Top?

Tops that leave the belly and waist exposed are called crop tops. Crop top model clothes are generally defined as over the belly or open belly among the public. Crop tops are produced as upper clothing pieces such as shirts, t-shirts, bodies, sweaters and jackets.

Often confused with bustier, crop top is a cut model. A bustier is an assertive and often embroidered underwear top. Crop top is a cut model. It has two different cuts, short and long crop tops that leave the belly and waist exposed. That's why you can also find crop top bustiers on the market. However, bustier and crop top are not the same thing.


Crop Top Models

You can find crop top models of almost all top clothing pieces. You can make combinations in different styles with knitwear crop top sweater, bustier, crop top body, crop top oversized sweat and crop top t-shirt models.


Long Sleeve Crop Top

You can easily wear long sleeve crop tops especially in the intermediate season and winter months. Long sleeve crop top sweaters, long sleeve crop top knitwear bodies and long sleeve crop top fleece sweatshirts are often preferred in fall and winter.



Strappy Crop Top

Crop tops with thick and thin straps are often preferred in summer and spring. You can wear knitwear crop top bodies with thick straps under your jackets and shirts in the intermediate seasons and cold days.


Crop Top Bustier

Bustiers, which are ambitious pieces produced as underwear, also have crop top models in recent years. You can dazzle with your elegance by wearing crop top bustiers under your jackets and shirts.


Crop Top Sweater

You can use crop top models that add elegance to sweaters that find a place in women's combinations, especially in winter. You do not need to compromise your elegance in winter with crop top sweaters and high waist pants.


Crop Top Combinations

You can use knitwear crop tops for stylish and elegant combinations. You can create stylish combinations with the natural elegance and line of knitwear fabric.

You can capture your office elegance with a knitwear black crop top body, black high waist knitwear pants, black stiletto shoes and a red jacket.

You can create a sporty outfit with oversized yellow crop top body, ice-colored jeans and white sneakers.

You can dazzle with your elegance in the invitations you will attend with dark blue crop top bustier, red pencil skirt, red jacket and high heels.

You can reflect your monochrome style by wearing dark blue crop top long sleeve knitwear body and dark blue knitwear pants together.

You can reflect the energy of summer with your combination of cream shorts, green crop top with straps and sandals.

If you like to move comfortably and be stylish while doing sports, you can wear your short-sleeved crop top basic t-shirt and sports leggings together.


How to Wear a Crop Top?

Crop top pieces are usually combined with high waist pants, leggings and skirts. By wearing crop top bodysuits over strappy dresses, you can both protect yourself from the cool weather and reflect your free style.

You can get more elegant and stylish combinations by combining high waist pants with crop tops.

You can reflect your sporty personality with crop top sports suits. You can reflect your colorful personality with pink crop top sweats and pink sweatpants.


How to Wear a Crop Top in Winter?

It is very easy to be both stylish and warm in winter. Get ready to resist the cold of winter with your elegance with knitwear crop tops. With the breathable texture and elegant weave of knitwear fabric, you can dazzle with your elegance in winter.

You can make an elegant touch to your daily elegance by combining your knitwear crop top sweaters with knitwear cigarette pants.