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Women’s Bustier

A bustier is a top underwear. Bustier, like a bra, hugs the body and collects the breasts, apart from that, it becomes an assertive and stylish piece with its corseted structure that descends towards the navel. Bustiers are generally used in assertive and stylish combinations in women's clothing. You can choose from corseted, strappy, strapless, crop top bustier models that best suit your needs and outfit.

Produced as upper underwear, bustiers can be used alone under shirts and jackets for assertive elegance. If you like to wear bustiers in outfits other than underwear, you can choose knitwear bustiers.

Bustiers, which are usually seen as evening wear and underwear, are assertive pieces that women love with leather and lace models. Underwire and knitwear bustiers used in daily life are indispensable for simple elegance. Leather, strapless, lace and embroidered bustier models are preferred as evening wear.

Some of the corset bustier models may have lacing or hook details on the front and some on the back. You can make remarkable combinations with this type of bustier, which also has zippered models.


Knitwear Bustier

You can enjoy comfort all day long with bustiers produced with the comfort and elegance of knitwear fabric. You will love knitwear bustiers that you will enjoy using in every outfit. You can make sporty and stylish combinations with the Mısırlı 1951 Astana bustier with thin straps. You can make sporty combinations with crop top knitwear bustiers.

You can choose knitwear bustiers as an underwear piece. Thanks to the comfort of knitwear and the advantage of using it for many years, you can guarantee your lifelong elegance.

You can add sporty touches to your classic elegance with knitwear bustiers. You can create combinations that reflect your colorful personality with two-color bustiers. You can make assertive combinations by wearing single-color, thin-strapped knitwear bustiers under your shirts.



Women’s Bustier Models

There are many types of bustier such as strappy, lace, strapless, corset, crop top, leather and knitwear. The one that should be in every woman's closet is the black bustier. You can make many assertive combinations with a black bustier, whether leather or knitwear.

You can combine your lacy brown bustier, cream shirt and camel pants with tan heels.


Women’s Bustier Combinations

You can easily wear your underwire knitwear bustiers in your daily wear. You can reflect your monochrome style with orange knitwear bustier, orange loose fit pants and orange knitwear cardigan while doing sports.

You can be comfortable and stylish while exercising by using knitwear bustiers in nude tones in your sports suits.

When you want to make an assertive outfit for your night outings, you can choose a black mini skirt under your fuchsia corset lace detailed and strapless model bustier.

You can be the talk of summer nights with your style with a knit cream bustier and bitter brown shorts combination.

You can continue to maintain your elegance on the courts by combining your lace detailed off white bustier with a off white tennis skirt.

You can add a difference to your daily elegance by wearing a yellow bustier and a black blazer over high waist black jeans.

You can create an assertive evening outfit by combining your black leather bustier with back detail with leather pants.

You can wear your strapless leather bustier over a white shirt and complete your outfit with leather tights.

You can crown your office elegance by combining your crop top model brown short bustier with an ecru pencil skirt and a brown cardigan.


How to Wear a Bustier?

The bustier can be the main piece of your outfit on its own or it can be an auxiliary element for your stylish outfits.

As with every piece, it is important where you will use the combination you will create with your bustier. You can choose a cardigan and shirt over your bustier for your daily elegance. You can choose leather bustiers alone for your night outfits. You can wear a bustier under your jackets and cardigans to reflect your elegant and assertive style.

Bustiers are the main element of combinations: If you are going to base your outfit on a bustier, the first thing you should pay attention to is the assertive stance of your bustier. In bustier-oriented combinations, plain and only bustiers may be uninspiring. A corseted bustier with a zipper or hook detail provides a more assertive outfit.

You can wear your bustier over lower pieces such as jeans, leather pants, skirts and leggings. You can wear a jacket and cardigan over the bustier. You can reflect your street style with a combination of a v-neck loose t-shirt with a deep cleavage, a bustier and loose pants.

You can also have an assertive day by wearing strapless bustiers over your body and shirts.